Young Ad Agencies: Youth Trumps Experience (because experience often fears change)

You might find yourself asking what you need to do to better promote your product or service. You’ve tried several ad agencies, but none of them ever work out long term. You’ve eaten out of their hands, spoke kindly over the phone while periodically hitting the mute button and denouncing their “account specialists,” pulled your account from them and handed it to another just to reheat and repeat. So what is wrong here? Why can’t you find good creative? The answer is simple. Good creative isn’t being hired by ad agencies, and when they are, they aren’t given the freedom or respect that they deserve. The business is currently overrun with traditionalist baby-boomers who follow outdated formulas because they used to work. These are the same people who stick creative prodigies behind desks and tell them to go write blog posts and update social media (these are also the same people who hold the majority of wealth…hmmm…maybe they are the ones advertising should be targeted at, not the ones who are making ads targeted at me, eh?.) You then might ask, why aren’t these kids just starting their own firms? Why are they accepting these aforementioned desk positions? Again, simple answer: These kids are fresh out of college and have also been trained to follow a formula – Find a job (not create one.)

I want you to ask yourself a new question. Who created the formula that used to work? The answer: The young people of the past. These are the same people who can’t let go of the ideas that they created 30 years ago. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a new generation of thinkers. It’s time to run the office a bit differently. If you want a creative team, this team has to have creative freedom. As ludicrous as it may sound to the accountants and businessmen who are running firms nowadays, the best creative ideas are often formed by thinking. That’s right, thinking. Not sitting at a desk performing other tasks that are unrelated to building the best creative campaign for your business. The point of the campaign is to reach the consumer, whether it be the Joneses or an oil and gas company. How is having the most creative minds in your firm edit old worn out copy going to bring you new business? It’s not. Your best bet is to follow the advice of one of the best advertising campaigns in history. Think small. Why do you need an account specialist holding your hand when you can easily communicate directly with the creative team? Hell, you don’t even have to meet them in person anymore. You can e-mail, you can phone conference, you can even have a video conference over Skype with the ability to share screens in real time. Why involve 20 people in a campaign when you can involve 5? The marketing decision maker at your company and the creative team at the firm. That is all that is needed for a successful campaign. The more minds you throw into the mix, the more of a disaster it becomes for the creative and for the campaign. At this point you might wonder what my credentials are to be telling you this. Let me tell you: I don’t have any. I’m fresh out of college, I have a new and creative way of thinking, and I’m ready to work hard instead of sending countless resumés to people who probably won’t even see them. I’m ready to work for you, and you need me…but mainly because I need you.